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Whether you have just lost a loved one, or are looking ahead to the future details of tending to your affairs, or if you are simply interested in the new green burial movement, we are here to help.

For those in grief, we know what a difficult and challenging time this can be, and we have numerous ways to assist in your process, in providing a refuge for you and family to take time in a safe and peaceful sanctuary. Feel free to explore our webpage on Natural Grief, Recent Loss, and find our Resource List in the Education section of this website. For someone who has lost a loved one through a recent sudden or traumatic loss, there are many ways you can find the support that is so important to move through at this time. Please accept our sympathies and empathetic understanding, for we ourselves have been through the process of grieving and loss numerous times.

For those who have never heard of Green Burials, check out our whole website, especially the pages for Certification/In the News, articles on Why Green Burial?, Why cremation is NOT green, and What would it take for you to have a Green Burial? Check out the newest and fastest growing wave in the funeral industry and how the green burial movement has become the way of the future.

For those future-minded individuals who are planning ahead for a green burial for yourself or your family check out financing options, discounts, and a new way to invest and support not only your future but also the natural environment. Especially check out our pages on Planning Your Green Burial, 10 Things to Do Before You Die, and also give your comments on our Blog. Check out our articles, videos, certification status, and ways to save money by investing now. In these times when the earth urgently needs our care, the choices you make now will have a great impact on avoiding conventional burials and industrial cremation with their pesticide-use, heavy metal ground implants, and cremation pollution (mercury and plastic toxins). By joining the 20-year-old Green Burial movement you are making a huge difference not only for your health and the health of the environment but also for many generations to come.

For local residents, feel free to Contact Us and arrange for a visit to see our beautiful burial meadow, our plans for a mixed forest, a beloved Pet Cemetery and a Handicapped Accessible Cemetery next to the Memorial Hall.

A Sanctuary and Refuge: A John Muir Memorial Burial Park

“The rippling of living waters, the song of birds, the joyous confidence of flowers, the calm, undisturbable grandeur of the oaks, mark this place of graves as one of the Lord’s most favored abodes of life and light.” –John Muir, 1867, from Camping Among the Tombs

In the spirit of John Muir (1838-1914), we chose to dedicate our green burial park to the grandfather of the environmental movement in America. While there are many other more recent naturalists and activists such as Rachel Carson (1907-1964) and others, we chose Muir because of his love for and dedication to the preservation of natural wonders from California to Oregon to Alaska.

Photos of our plans for a Memorial Hall, from Meridian Estate Greenhouses:

    • Willow Pond Lodge Interior Greenhouse

Our mission is to help “naturalize” the burial and funeral industry, to provide and maintain serene and pristine green burial sites for those who love nature and wish to “give back” their bodies to nature. We wish to provide accommodation and support for families coming from afar who wish to grieve or celebrate naturally in a safe and private emotional space. We offer a trained Director who is can assist in helping you plan for your end of life green burial.

Or you could choose a truly Green Burial for $999 to $4,999. Your body could  be buried in a linen wrap or an unpreserved wood, willow, wicker or bamboo  or other biodegradable coffin about three feet underground in a dedicated nature preserve. It will decompose over 10 years or so, feeding a tree, native wildflower planting or wild rose bush planted over it. Your body could transform into a Giant Sequoia that will live for thousands of years. A study in 2017 found that 64% of Americans in their 40s and older would prefer a Green Burial, with no embalming and a biodegradable casket.  Within just 5 years that number rose from 40% to 64%.

  Conventional   Green  
  Burial Cremation Burial  
Basic services fee $2,270 $1,195 $995  
Transportation and pick up of deceased $550 $550 in city 0  
Embalming $495 $695 n/a  
Other preparation of the body $575 $225 n/a  
Flowers $250 $250 $100 native seeds
Use of facilities for viewing $550 $400 $0  
Use of facilities for ceremony $495 $495 $0  
Hearse $295 $295 $295  
Airport pickup $995 $995 ?  
Basic memorial printed package $150 $150 n/a  
Metal casket (plus $) $2,395 $2,395 n/a  
Vault (plus $) $1,298   n/a  
Grave plot plus $) $1,000   incl.  
Headstone $1,500   n/a  
Opening and closing fee $1,200   incl.  
Newspaper Obituary $250 $250 None (on-line)
Biodegradable casket $4,000 $4,000 $495 (plus)
Refrigeration $295 $295 $100  
Urn $250 $250 n/a  
Meadow Burial (native wildflower seeding)     $2,995  
Native Legacy Tree Burial     $4,995 mature tree
Clergy honorarium        
TOTAL COST $16,543 $11,245 $995 (to $4995)
  average $8k average $7k average $3k  

The John Muir Green Burial Sanctuaries will offer Green Burials – everything but your choice of casket – for between $999 – $4,999, depending on your wishes.

We are skilled in working sensitively and compassionately with those planning their deathcare, as well as those in a sudden or traumatic grief process. Our handling of the deceased is always done with care and dignity, regardless of the cause of death, religion, or belief system.


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There are over 300 modern green burial parks in England, which is about half the size of the state of Oregon. In contrast, in the entire US there are currently about 56 green burial parks, only several of which are also certified as a nature conservation area.

Photos below are of Bluebell Wood and Clandon Wood Burial Park in England, a model for our Sanctuary,  below, with Memorial Hall:

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