Investing in Your End-of-Life Care

Planning Ahead:  How To Reserve Your Conservation Burial Plot 

Pre-planning your end-of-life care, including a funeral, vigil or burial, is a natural part of life because it provides you with time to make decisions in a private, peaceful and rational way.

Don’t leave it to your family when they are in a state of grief, or inheritors who may not share your interests or have your greater understanding to make decisions for you. Pre-planning provides security and peace of mind for yourself and your immediate family.  Knowing that you’ve taken care of your affairs and also done the right thing for nature allows you to live life to the fullest without worrying about your future. If you do not plan ahead the State has a right to handle your affairs for you.

Pre-planning allows your family to know your wishes through your written instructions in your Will, Living Trust and other documents.  You can put your plan into writing using our online PDF form: “Planning Your Green Burial, ” located on our Home page.  When you pre-plan with the Cathedral Trees Sanctuary your plot can be made available for any individual you document it for.

Our office can help you keep to a budget and make arrangements to ensure comfort and affordability, eliminating the pressure, grief and high expenses of a sudden or emergency situation.

We are very knowledgeable and open to guiding you through the Green Burial process. We can assist you to find resources to create a personalized memorial, Ceremony of Life or graveside funeral service that reflects your individual values, family traditions, and any personal preferences, or religious or spiritual needs.

Does Pre-Planning Require Pre-Payment?

Yes and no. You can start the Pre-Planning process by copying your Will to your family and our office, and file our written “Planning for Your Green Burial” form with us online. You can pay up front, in which your payment will be held in a company bank account or leave it to your family to pay for your desired services at the time of your passing.

Or you can reserve your personal or family plot now, ensuring the space as well as protecting yourself and your family from future cost increases. This ensures your expenses will be covered when you need them to be. Once your Pre-Plan is paid for in full, the current price is guaranteed. You will never have to pay inflationary increases for the items you have already paid for. Just give the office a call to start your Plan now.

“Trees towering in the sky, braving storms of centuries, flowers turning faces to the light for a single day or hour, having enjoyed their share of life’s feast — all alike pass on and away under the law of death and love. Yet all are our brothers and they enjoy life as we do, share Heaven’s blessings with us, die and are buried in hallowed ground, and come with us out of eternity to return to eternity… Our lives are rounded with a sleep.”
— John Muir, 1914, from John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals