Friends of John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary

The Friends of JMMGBS received the public benefit non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the IRS in October 2019, so we can now receive your tax-deductible donations written to the Friends of JMMGBS.

The Friends are a group of active volunteers including two of our Board Members who are raising money for the land for the conservation green burial cemetery, for the Memorial Hall, and other projects such as a Pollinator Meadow for those who wish to be buried with plants that will directly provide food and habitat for butterflies, bumblebees, bees, and so on. We also have specific projects that could have donations or funding ear-marked for, such as The Homeless People’s Garden, and The Disability Garden (adjacent the Memorial Hall) to provide access to burials for spouses, partners or family members with a disability.

The Friends will also own the acreage for the cemetery, allowing the land to be held in perpetuity as a conservation easement, and leasing the land to the business of JMMGBS LLC who will manage the land, the business of conservation burials, and tree planting.

Your tax-exempt donation will be directly deposited in to a trust account of the Rogue Credit Union in Ashland Oregon. Checks or direct deposits can be made to the Friends of JMMGBS. Please call us if you wish to make a donation or a PayPal donation. Our cell phone number is (831) 295-7695.

With deep appreciation we thank you for your donation!