Giant Sequoia NFT

Founder’s Tree NFT: Your Magnificent Giant Sequoia (sequoiadendron giganteum)

Endow the Avenue of Giant Sequoias and Create A Legacy for 3,000 Years

TL:DR Each NFT is numbered, #1 to #100. Each NFT corresponds to a numbered physical tree in the Avenue of Giant Sequoias on the John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary in Ashland, Oregon. Each NFT also includes a smart contract giving the owner an optional green burial beneath that tree, which then will be marked with the deceased’s name. Giant sequoias can grow to 300′ and live for 3,000 years. Each tree can remove and sequester about 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release about the same amount of oxygen for humans to breathe.

Conventional burials usually involve carcinogenic embalming fluid and a legacy of RoundUp and pesticide use to maintain a lawn-like environment. Cremations waste fossil fuels, emit large amounts of CO2, and – worst of all – put destructive mercury from tooth fillings and the liver into the air. A green burial is the only environmentally-positive choice, putting the molecules of your body into a tree that can live for centuries and the root/mycelium system that trees use to communicate.

The Friends of John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution for the NFT, the numbered tree, and the smart contract for a green burial may be tax-deductible – consult your tax adviser.

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Preserve an endangered iconic species, the largest and among the oldest life on earth. These “grandfather” trees are able to soar to heights of 300 feet or more, with diameters of 30 feet, and can live to 3,000 years old or more. It is thought that they covered much of North America in prehistoric times; today they are conserved in a small area of the Sierra Nevada mountain range around Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks in California. Due to climate-warming trends, they now thrive to the north in the southwestern Oregon mountains, inland from their cousin, the native Pacific Coast redwood tree. Once native to Oregon, century-old planted Sequoias continue to thrive in a moderate four-season climate near the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges and are resistant to drought, wildfires, disease, and weather extremes of cold winters and hot summers. When people enter a grove of these ancient trees, they immediately feel an awe and reverence for their massive size and history.

General Sherman sequoiaThe “General Sherman” tree in Sequoia National Park, the largest tree in the world by volume, is about 275 feet high and 2,700 years old. Shown around it are the offspring Sequoias that have the characteristic conical “Christmas tree” shape with lower limbs extending to the ground.

Our trees are hardy nursery stock descended from the original grandfather trees of the Sierra Nevada and can grow quickly at one to two feet a year. Carefully grown trees come from the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive that provides us with a hardy, cloned (DNA preserved) gene stock from healthy champion trees in the Sierra mountains. The Archive selects trees for longevity, survivability, and their capacity to help sustain humans and many other species. State-of-the-art biological soil enrichments are used to ensure healthy development in collaboration with our ecologist.

Many of these champion trees were young saplings when the Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed walked the earth. These ancient trees are the only living things that connect us back to the past 3,000 years of our history around the planet, and new plantings will continue to do so for the next 3,000 years.

By acquiring your Founder tree now you are supporting the John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary, the only certified large-acreage Conservation project that is doing a comprehensive restoration forest tree-planting of 100 Legacy trees. John Muir is memorialized in the Sanctuary as the grandfather of the National Park Service, the founder of The Sierra Club, numerous national parks, and protector of the last remaining Sequoias in his time. The Sequoia tree probably was Muir’s favorite tree, and our certified conservation green burial sanctuary will preserve these trees from the axe across time. If you don’t already have your Advance Green Directive in order, our green burial cemetery can provide a free destination Conservation burial for you at your tree site. We specialize in supportive, environmentally-responsible, full-service deathcare in a pristine, luxurious setting.

Memorial Hall north entry North entry to proposed Memorial Hall for 100 allowable participants for four-season visitation, memorials and luxurious, environmentally-sensitive Celebrations of Life.

Your name and legacy tree will be memorialized at our Avenue of the Giant Sequoias, where this limited planting of 100 trees will create a Memorial Walkway visited by many generations to come. You will also be contributing to the critical mixed species reforestation of our great country. You also have a smart contract for a gifted reserved plot adjacent to your own Legacy Sequoia, held for you and available at any time in the future. Our plots are located via GPS instead of weather-susceptible headstones. The John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary will provide you with a free full service Conservation burial, with the best care in funerals and memorials in our environmentally-sensitive Memorial Hall.

Unlike other popular “destination” cemeteries, we never use any cancer-causing embalming, cremation emissions of mercury, dioxins, furans, or plastics, or RoundUp and other lawn care chemicals common in corporate-owned cemeteries. Airport pickup can be arranged with transport in our electric-vehicles to the Sanctuary from any location in the continental US. All of our services are overseen by our doctor Director, and the Friends of John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) organization, may provide a non-profit tax deduction for your tree.

You can visit your tree at any time, enjoying its magnificent growth as a living tree in our Avenue of the Giants. NFTs purchased now for you or even younger family members will allow for a lifetime of growth of your tree – up to 100 feet in a lifetime, yet just a fraction of its full potential. By investing in these trees now you are helping to sustain a species that has enormous benefit for the environment and humanity. Each sequoia can sequester about 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases about the same amount of oxygen for humans to breathe in. They provide massive carbon “stacking” (storing); they filter our watersheds; and work with their vast underground mycorrhiza to sequester toxins. They also provide dozens of endangered species with habitat, food, and oxygen. In preservation, this Avenue of Giant Sequoias will provide further needed studies for science, which has only observed the tip of the iceberg of these great icons. Help build this Ark of trees for the future.

Memorial Hall west entryProposed Memorial hall (west entry)

Future magnificent Sequoia walkway at the John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary, a Conservation project to be partnered with the Southern Oregon Land Trust.