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These two photos were taken by Olga A. of a baby Golden who was given a green burial after a full litter of 12 puppies were born– a reminder of how Mother Nature checks and balances her cycles of birth and death. When people live on farms, or live close to animals and nature we have the full experience of holding life, precious love, and death in our hands. This stillborn was given a beautiful ending with Forget-Me-Not flowers and a beautiful rose for a blanket. Her mother gave her a full washing even with the stillbirth, then moved on to care for her dozen pups.  Mahatma Ghandhi once said it is the degree of a great civilization when we can show kindness and high regard for animals.


We’ll be posting the latest news and comment on green burials, the home vigil movement, moving through grief, and other topics related to the great Transition we will all go through.

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