Recent Loss

If you have had a recent loss, please accept our empathy and understanding. We are here to help you navigate the work of Natural deathcare, filing the Death Certificate, holding you and your family with compassion as you begin moving through the grief process, and assisting your loved one in a beautiful and conservation burial.

One beautiful thing about a natural burial is we realize that care for both loved ones and the earth is something we can all share. We have both the responsibility and the gift of Nature and giving back to the earth after a lifetime of food and sustenance. Through nature, we come to know that death is a transition just like birth, that the wilted flower is as beautiful as the bud. Inevitably in life, we will meet death, whether through the natural or sudden death of a loved one or animal companion, through a traumatic accident, illness, suicide or other cause. Whatever your beliefs in life after death or an Afterlife, it is important to move through your grief, so as not to bury it, only to have it show up years later, often having a “snowball effect” where additional griefs have been added “on top” of it.

Each person’s grief is unique, just as our birth and death are unique. Your grief can be revealed in many ways: shock, denial, longing, anger, rage, sadness, even relief.   Dr. Kubler-Ross and others since her groundbreaking work have observed a common process, beginning with Shock, then Anger, moving to Depression, Sadness and finally Acceptance of a death. For a traumatic loss or death from suicide, there are often emotions of shock, panic; a feeling of being “out of time” or dissociated from life; numbness; overwhelm; anxiety or relief. For the loss of a baby, child, or teen, there may be feelings of lost hope, regrets, guilt, self-judgment, or despair.

Many of us avoid the grief process, thinking we will drown in it or be overwhelmed with pain. We fear we will get stuck in a rut. We wonder if there will be an end to it. We feel the pressures of life, our job, and families, our work ethic, as society tells us to “move on.” But Grief takes its own time, and it is important to move through it fully to a place of Understanding. Avoiding grief only seems to perpetuate our fears and the suffering we want to avoid. With unexpressed grief, we risk falling into addictions, sickness, mental illness, chronic depression, isolation, or shutting down to life.

The gift of moving through grief is we realize we cannot do it alone, that everyone eventually has grief, and we can find a “shared heart” in being together with one another. Through shared pain, we find a new kind of support system in our lives, a new way to live life in feeling our emotions fully and in seeing how kindness is a gift of sorrow. Our hearts take on a new life. We can find empathy and understanding. We can move through terrible pain. We can sometimes even feel our connection to loved ones from the other side, sense their healing, and often find healing through them.

All in good time, we are here to guide you along your path to a beautiful Green Burial for your loved one.

A poem on Grief:

When Someone Dies, They Do Not Go Alone
When someone dies, they do not go alone.
Their soul takes the beautiful moments
you had together.
They imprint your smile, your tears,
merging with how you felt for them.
They take part of your heart
to make wings–
this way, they manage to fly with you in your dreams.

–Gwyneth, age 15,  2018