What Would It Take?

What Would It Take For You To Have A Spectacular Green Burial?

What if you could look ahead decades in your life and see that your funeral and memorial, and yes, even your death vigil, could be spectacular and ecologically pristine?

Imagine if your body could be cradled in the most beautiful wildflower meadow in a spectacular mountain range of North America, on a dedicated ecopreserve so pure it is memorialized to the spirit of John Muir, the national champion of wilderness, founder of the Sierra Club, and grandfather of the Environmental Movement.

Imagine if a great native tree of your choice, perhaps a Giant Sequoia or the long-lived White Oak, could be planted in your memory, your body merging with it and giving back to Nature for the lifetime of nourishment and sustenance you received, and dedicated at your place of honor. What if your name or family name and epitaph were engraved on a tree plate?

What if death was not fearful but held for you as a birth into a new life you give yourself? What if your vigil or memorial was a Celebration of Life or Preparation for a Joyous Journey in which your family and friends could share three days together with your spirit as it crosses over the threshold? Imagine if your minister, rabbi or family friend could memorialize you in a beautiful, ecologically-sound Sanctuary overlooking a majestic mountain view honoring your life and your beliefs in what is yet to come.

Imagine if your loved ones could grieve together in the private shared space of a natural gathering, supported by a compassionate caregiver who could assist in their gentle movement through grief toward a place of acceptance, understanding, and perhaps even joy.

Imagine if you could ensure your body and place of burial were preserved in an ecologically-pure Nature Sanctuary as a legacy for many generations, without the pesticides, herbicides, carcinogens, and heavy metal pollutants common even to green burial sections of conventional cemeteries.

What if your choice was not for cremation, which is surprisingly polluting and carbon-imprinting? In addition to the carbon load and toxic emissions of cremation, there is the misguided scattering of ashes, the “cremains” contain heavy metals and polluting chemicals, only to leach into the air and groundwater and ending up as pollution further downstream. What if nature could actually reabsorb your body into new life once held?

The John Muir Green Burial Sanctuary provides this opportunity to choose a new way for death care that is currently unavailable, even in green burial plots of conventional cemeteries, funeral homes, and the few existing nature preserve cemeteries in the US. The John Muir Memorial Green Burial Sanctuary offers the first unique burial ground that is 100% free of pesticides and other pollutants,  a refuge for families choosing a more conscious way of holding their loved ones after death.